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Best strategy on a page – John Muir and Acevo

Strategies can get to be really long documents, so all credit to those organisations who try and sum things up on a page. Two very different examples here. The first is from the John Muir Trust who work in protecting wild places. They have a neat one pager that sums up who they are, what they are trying to do, their key messages and more. It isn’t a strategy in some ways (no targets or specific goals) as it tries to pull together everything they do in simple clear language, but it’s a great summation of the organisation and its work.

The second one-pager is from the charity chief executives body ACEVO. It has the scent of a theory of change course behind it, but that is no bad thing. I like how it sets out its different goals, activities, and outcomes in diagrammatic form. I couldn’t quite decide whether I should be able to go down each column, to find out the activities that delivered a ‘how?’ and the outcomes that they delivered. Some worked and some didn’t. Either way it is a simple way of communicating ACEVO and what it is trying to do as the snip shows.



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