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Where are we going?

A guide to creating strategy in charities and non-profits


This report is a guide to developing strategies in non-profits and charities. It is based on 10 blogs published on my website over the course of 2023. This report is a product of having read a range of strategy literature (see the appendix) and over 120 charity strategies taken from different organisations’ websites. The report is not so much an original approach to charity strategy (for that see the Golden Threads on the Heyheyjoe website) but a synthesis of what is happening in practice and based on existing literature.

There are nine parts:

Part 1 – Why have a strategy?

Part 2 – Ten things to do when preparing a new strategy

Part 3 – The components of a strategy

Part 4 – Key findings from Heyheyjoe’s charity strategy survey

Part 5 – Common flaws in charity strategies

Part 6 – Examples of great charity strategies

Part 7 – Balancing numbers and impact in strategic planning

Part 8 – Challenges and shortcuts to creating a strategy for your charity

Conclusion – Rounding off, and an appendix of management literature

 You can download the full report here

Where are we going - a guide to strategy in charities
Download PDF • 1.88MB



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