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A blog all about Charity podcasts by Samiksha Rai

The world is full of podcasts. Just about every self-respecting organization and journalist has a podcast now.  Many are very popular. We’d thought we’d take a look at the podcast that are available for people who work in charities. We have probably missed some so please do tell Joe on Apologies if we have. We will do an update shortly with any new ones, or if you’d like to add a review or comment about any of them.



1)    What have I done? With Caroline Jones (Just Giving)


2)    The fundraising bright spots Podcast


3)    One visit away with Kevin Fitzpatrick

  • Podcast focused on helping major gift fundraisers achieve their potential by inspiring them to increase the number and quality of visits they have with their benefactors or prospective benefactors. Inspired by fascinating stories of development professionals.




Other skills and disciplines in charities

4)    Charity Digital podcasts

5)    Third sector podcasts


6)    CharityComms


7)    Civil society


8)    The CFG podcast


9)    Legacy fundraising podcast

  • Experiences of a former legacy manager also in conversation with guest speakers from across the sector to support you with legacy fundraising efforts.  




Specific charities (there must be more in this category?!)

10) RNLI 200


11) Care Failing Forward



Charity Leadership

12) Dreaming in Color: Creating New Narratives in Leadership

13) Permission to fail


14) The Charity CEO podcast

  • Candid meaningful conversations that aim to inspire, inform and deliver practical insights on the challenges facing charity leaders today.



15) Charity leaders podcast


16) Starts at the top



A broad mixture of fascinating topics

17) HSJ Health check podcast


18) You’re my Comms hero

  • Over 100+ episodes of inspirational stories about people who do great comms work. Insights from comms, marketing and PR heroes



19) Do more good

  • Light hearted conversations about topics such as leadership, innovation, fundraising, current affairs, professional development abd the charity sector



20) Charity Chat


21) Do one better!

  • 250+ interviews and case studies in philanthropy, sustainability and social entrepreneurship



That’s it for now. As we said at the beginning let us know of any we have missed, or any reviews or comments, or if you think there is a gap for a new podcast.


Samiksha Rai



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