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Best Large Charity – RNLI

The lifeboats is my favourite large charity strategy (RNLI has over £200 million of income), although it is a little on the long side at over 30 pages. One of the best things about the strategy is it saying: here is our objective, this is how we are going to achieve the objective and this is how we are going to measure progress as the second snip shows. There is a summary version and a long description of each objective.

It also highlights the progress they hope to make by 2021 (see snip below), midway through the plan. This is particularly good for plans with a longer duration – 5 years or more. Underpinning their approach to objectives is what they call the ‘drowning epidemic’ and the notion of a drowning ‘chain’ (drowning happens because a series of things go wrong). It is well produced with great photos, and case studies – but they complement the strategy and aren’t a substitute for clear thinking.



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