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Gratitude in Giving: Unveiling Heartfelt Thank You Letters from Charitable Donations

Welcome to this two-part project that delves into my experiences as I facilitated donations on behalf of HeyHeyJoe. This installment, Part 1 of 2, outlines my personal collection of favorite thank you letters.

These letters were received subsequent to making donations to 30 different charities, all of which carried profound significance. It's important to note that the funds were contributed by Joe Saxton; I was the conduit for the task's execution. While the financial resources weren't my own, the process was immensely fulfilling. Engaging in this exercise prompted a reevaluation of my financial planning, prompting contemplation on directing my own resources toward charitable endeavors. Several of these letters have certainly ignited a desire to contribute from my own pocket to their commendable work. Stay tuned for the second part of this exploration, where more insights and experiences will be unveiled.

People & Planet

I appreciated the personal touch evident in this letter, even though I understand it's likely a standard template sent to all donors. The aspect that resonated with me most was their acknowledgment of being a small organization and emphasizing the immense value of my donation. This recognition not only made me feel valued but also motivated me to contemplate future contributions. Another compelling element was their mention of 'Student Action on World Poverty and the Environment.' This reference genuinely excited me due to my awareness of the impactful work undertaken by these dedicated students.

Dogs Trust

The concept of having to euthanize a dog solely due to financial constraints is heart-wrenching. This thank you letter truly evoked an "awwww" moment within me. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the charity's existence. Even though I don't personally own a dog, I deeply understand the value of these animals and believe they deserve to be protected at any expense. Receiving this thank you letter touched me profoundly. It's certainly a cause I am enthusiastic about supporting again in the future.


Despite my donation being a modest £10, this letter managed to make me feel incredibly significant. The term 'Lifesaver' filled me with a sense of excitement and pride. While the amount may not be substantial, I was elated to know that it contributes to a more substantial cause – the rescue efforts at sea. This letter served as a powerful reminder that even a small donation can make a difference in someone's life. The fact that the letter specifies where the funds will be utilized reaffirms the impactful work carried out by the charity. It's a reminder of the meaningful role I play in their mission.


When I decided to make a donation and selected NSPCC due to their commendable work, little did I know that this Thank You letter would unveil a significant awareness gap. The standout feature of this letter was the inclusion of a link to a real story about Tracey, along with the organization's assistance in her case. The personal touch of a narrative with a tangible name and face is undeniably heartwarming. This element struck a chord, reminding me of the very real impact of their efforts. It's a reminder that the NSPCC doesn't just deal with statistics; they touch and transform individual lives.

Acorns Children's Hospice

The impact of this small regional charity's work and its expansive outreach is truly noteworthy. Prior to contributing to their cause, I possessed limited insight into their outreach efforts. It's disheartening to confront the sheer number of families in need and the extent to which £10 can be stretched to make a difference. Letters of this nature hold a vital role in motivating individuals to persist in their donations. They shed light on the ongoing need for support, inspiring a sense of duty to continue contributing to this cause.



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