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Mastering the Art of Storytelling: Our top ten charity video picks


Videos are a key part of social media and how people absorb information about the world. With the rise of tik tok, shorters punchier videos have become the normal with both Instagram and YouTube creating their own dedicated short video channels.

In this blog, we have curated a list of ten charities that have mastered the art of video storytelling. Read on as we explore these remarkable organisations, beginning with our top-ranked favourite.


RNLI’s maintains a consistent approach while sharing videos across different social media platforms. This enables them to reach a wider audience allowing them to spread awareness of the vital work they do. Some of their TikTok videos have over 25000 views. The videos are all professionally made by the charity. They are uploaded regularly and have very engaging content.

2.Dogs Trust

This charity had the most entertaining videos of dogs on TikTok. They touch on the important works of the charity and share successful stories of adoption through their videos. Overall, the star performing videos are on TikTok. They do a great job in introducing dogs available for adoption through YouTube and Facebook videos, with each dog getting a special video mention. The average TikTok views on their videos is 10000 views which is quite remarkable.


The videos are coherent between different social media platforms. All their platforms share the same information so the message gets amplified. They have some interesting videos on some finds from their charity stores and some DIY informational videos as well. The real-life stories of people leaving Oxfam in their legacy is brilliant as that will encourage others to do the same. Some of their videos have over a million views on TikTok.


YouTube has animated informational videos about different types of cancer. They make inclusive videos with sign language. Videos on their Facebook page are organised by different types of cancers and much easier to scroll through. Anyone looking for information about a particular type of cancer has plenty of resources to go through.


Their videos use actors to depict real life stories instead of beneficiaries, staff or volunteers. This approach can be seen as a positive decision by the charity since they deal with sensitive subjects such as children. They just launched a series of videos collaborating with Lego which demonstrates their adaptability and creativity in reaching out to their audience. These videos tell stories of real life families who have benefitted by the charity.

6.Climate Coalition

The charity is most active on Facebook regularly sharing newer videos on this platform. Despite the absence of recent content on YouTube videos are skilfully produced and showcase a consistent message. Their video strategy across platforms maintains a green theme indicating visual consistency with the work they do. Additionally, on Twitter they utilise shorter videos that succinctly condense the information they wish to share.

7. ABF soldiers’ charity

The charity promotes most of their fundraising events through videos. The promotional videos feature interviews with participants of events such as a fundraising marathon. By turning the focus on participants, the charity is able to bring attention to the work they do and also serve as a motivational factor to increase future participation in such events.

8. The wildlife Trusts

As the umbrella organization consisting of various regional wildlife conservation charities in the UK, there is a commonality observed in the social media presence of the charity and the independent charities that fall under it. The captivating video content produced by the charity exhibits a consistent theme that is also reflected in the activities of other regional charities. Many of these videos are accompanied by pleasant background music, enhancing the overall experience. Professionally crafted, these videos effectively capture the essence of the natural world, with some featuring valuable insights provided through voice-overs by the dedicated staff. The high production quality of these videos adds to their appeal.

9. Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Just like The Wildlife Trusts (as mentioned in #8), these videos effectively depict the specific regions in which the charities operate. They share a common theme with the umbrella organization, thereby reinforcing the charity's message across different areas. The remarkable production quality of these videos significantly enhances their appeal and succeeds in capturing the untamed beauty of nature, momentarily transporting viewers to the wild.

10. British Red Cross

The charity has Jason Isaacs as their brand ambassador. While, their content and presence across other social media platforms is negligible, their presence on TikTok is exceptional.

They have a massive following on the platform and a huge number of views with some videos garnering over a million views. The charities’ ability to engage its viewers on TikTok is a remarkable example of how powerful this platform is for charities to connect and reach out to a wider audience.



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