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10 fascinating nuggets to notice about our google charity search report

1. Searches for Ukraine, particularly the terms volunteer and donate in various different forms spiked for about a month after the invasion and then dropped back again to almost zero comparatively

2. The death of the queen caused a spike in searches for the term ‘charity’

3. Searches for the term ‘make a will’ are 4 x higher than they were in 2004

4. Searches for the term ‘food bank near me’ were all but non-existent before 2015. They have grown steadily since then with peaks in December each year, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 and in March 2020

5. Searches for cost-of-living crisis were very low at the beginning of 2022, and then spiked in late May and late August 2022

6. Searches for the term rescue dog peaked in the months after March 2020, but have now fallen back to levels lower than before the pandemic. Rescue cat saw only a small shift comparatively!

7. Dogs Trust and RSPCA now have nearly the same level of searches. In 2004 RSPCA was 10 times higher

8. Macmillan is now searched for more than Cancer Research, with big spikes around world’s greatest coffee morning

9. Almost all the major aid charities have seen a drop in searches since 2004, particularly Oxfam and Red Cross

10. Of Britain’s 10 best known charities Mind has the highest level of searches


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