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Fundraising Around the World

The common threads and differences in public attitudes to fundraising and charities around the globe

In most countries in our sample about half of respondents tended to trust charities “a great deal” or “quite a lot”. The striking exceptions were the Netherlands and South Korea – where just 36% and 26% respectively of respondents felt they could trust charities – and the USA, where the figure was unusually high at 56%. While there are a number of factors at play in both cases which are country specific (and which will be explored later in the report), it is interesting to note geographic patterns also. Two of the least trusting countries were both non-Anglophone Northern European countries, suggesting there is a question about the role that charities play in these countries, which retain a stronger role for the state in their social system. Whereas in countries like Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand where the last thirty years has seen a withdrawal of the state as the sole provider of social welfare, the function of charities in society is seen to be broader.

Fundraising Around the World March 2019
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