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Strategy blog 5:Interesting nuggets from the strategy survey

Our strategy survey has a whole range of interesting info, and all detail is available in our powerpoint presentation available here. But these are some of the highlights from our questions about the benefits, the challenges, and the processes and uses of a strategy in charities.

The four big benefits of a strategy

· 55% of respondents said that looking afresh at priorities was a big benefit of a strategy

· 39% thought that bringing the whole organisation behind a joint goal was one of the top benefits

· And making big decisions easier, and how to allocate resources was a big benefit as seen by 34% and 36% respectively

The four big challenges of a strategy

· Finding the time for strategy was the biggest challenge – cited by 36% of respondents

· Followed by agreeing what not to do (26%),

· And then getting clients/beneficiaries involved (22%) and not producing a bland fudge (23%) were the other two top challenges

The key processes and uses of a strategy

· Strategy is done by staff, not by trustees – 71% agreed that the CEO/senior management wrote the strategy while only 24% agreed that their strategy was written by trustees

· Strategy is critical to making decisions now (84% agreement) and in the future (96% agreement)

· Strategies are not so inspirational sadly – just 15% of respondents strongly agree that their strategy was inspirational.

Don’t forget the whole of the survey results can be read here



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