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PEST and the pandemic:

How the world might change for charities over the next 20 years because of Covid-19

This has been one hell of a year for charities (and the rest of society of course). Income has suffered. Demand for services has increased for many, while staff have often been furloughed or made redundant due to falls in income. A year ago, we published a report that predicted some of the ways in which we thought the charity sector might change over the next 20 years because of the social, economic, cultural and political forces on it. This year we are re-publishing that forecast with a Covid 19 update. Inevitably it’s still only a work in progress, as the pandemic is far from over and the long-term impact on our economy or our society is far from clear. However, when it comes to predictions it’s worth quoting William Gibson, the author and essayist:

The future is already here. It’s just not widely distributed yet.

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