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To create this report, we collected case studies of ways charities recognise donors through desk research and by asking people in our sector to contact us with their stories via twitter. It was found that there is great diversity in the ways charities acknowledge donors and this diversity is brought together under an umbrella of four themes:

In Memoriam: Donors who have died or supporters who have chosen to leave a donation in their Will are often remembered in a physical space such as a memorial garden or acknowledged in a book of remembrance. Thanking audience en masse: Social media platforms have allowed charities to extend their reach. Often charities will hold companywide ‘thank you’ days where they spend the day contacting their supporters via telephone, post and email to say ‘thank you’. The day is also documented on video which is then uploaded on their website for all their supporters to access. Awards and accolades: Bringing together inspirational survivors and determined campaigners, award evenings are held to honour the strength of survivors and award those who continue to volunteer and donate. Saying thank you with a gift: A crucial way of receiving continued support from large organisations or major donors is saying thank you with a gift and encouraging them to get involved in the work of the charity. Alternatively, smaller charities ensure their supporters are acknowledged by inviting them to events such as garden parties.

A breakdown of the top five ways of saying ‘thank you’ provides a quick, helpful insight into the differing ways charities say thank you.

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